About Us


Solon State Bank opened in 1932 in the midst of the Great Depression. A group of local citizens formed the bank by raising initial capital of $30,000 through the sale of stock to area residents.

The bank has twice out grown its facilities over the years. It was first located in the brick building on the southeast corner of Main and Dubuque Streets. In 1955 the bank moved across the street to the building on the northwest corner of the intersection. In 1974 the bank moved into its new building at its current location on Highway 1.

In March 1997 the bank opened a branch office in Tiffin, and in June 1999 the bank purchased a branch office in Ely.

Our Impact

Today, the bank is a full service commercial bank at all three of its locations, offering checking and savings accounts, competitive rates on time certificates, IRA accounts and other investments. Loans are available for all purposes, including home, farm, personal, auto and business. The bank also offers modern safe deposit boxes, a trust department and Debit cards, which can be used in the bank's own ATM's or throughout the U.S. With online banking, it is possible to bank with the Solon State Bank from anywhere in the world!